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Sphere Labs are the creators, designers, and providers  (both sales & rental) of the world's first bespoke high resolution LED Sphere's, available NOW in an in a multitude of sizes, floor mounted or flown, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Using  cutting edge technology, the Spheres feature complete waterproof,  Live Camera, Custom Motion Graphics, IMAG, Way finding, and Interactive Capabilities. 

Sphere Labs provides rental and sales packages for all industry sectors, with the bonus of expert services and support of specialist technicians and crew,  bespoke motion graphics design, pixel mapping, media servers, control, and programming.  

Sphere Labs is a co-venture between leading bespoke LED Design & manufacturer Light Initiative and LIVE 360 Production Design & Technical Production house Production Zync.

Managing Director 

Light Initiative Ltd 

Bryn Williams


Dave Stevens

Managing Director - Global

Production Zync UK

Production Zync America 


Steff Jones

President, Creative & LIVE Production

Production Zync UK

Production Zync America 

© Copyright 2020  Sphere Labs.  All Rights Reserved 2020. 

Sphere Labs is a co-venture between Light Initiative LtdProduction Zync Ltd 

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